Celebration of Learning at Northstar Preschool

At The Northstar School, learners have a chance to showcase their work through Celebrations of Learning. It is generally held after the children have finished a unit of work and parents are invited to celebrate their learning. This often forms part of their assessment and is one form of reporting to parents. Celebrations of learning (COL) are high-quality products and performances that reflect the content and skills that students have learned. Students are supported in producing high-quality work in preparation for celebrations of learning. With feedback from teachers and peers, students are motivated to meet rigorous standards.

Our first COL, was on 12th August 2016, Friday. All learners showcased their learning in front of the authentic audience (parents). The purpose of this COL was to celebrate and showcase our learning of first Strand — “Who we are?” wherein all the learners of respective grades presented their understanding of all the domains i.e. English Language Arts, Numeracy, Arts & Design and Personal, Social & Physical Education, in fun ways. As it was our first event, it allowed all the learners to get rid of their fear of presenting in front of an audience. This was a great opportunity for parents to get involved in their child’s learning journey. They witnessed that our learners are not merely consumers of knowledge, but also producers of meaningful & generative work.

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