Good morning / afternoon / evening,

Wherever you are reading this. Hello!

After much time away, life experiences, and research, I have decided to completely begin afresh.

This idea for this blog came to fruition when I wanted to surprise my boyfriend who lives in Nigeria. I live in the USA, the nation’s capitol to be exact, and Ican do almost anything I desire regarding services and delivery. And for the most part, so can people in other developed countries (Global North). For the rest of the world (Global South), things are a little more complicated, difficult, or just non-existant. Hence, the blog name.

(Global) North to (Global) South Long Distance Couples refers to couples in which one partner lives in the Global North and the other in the Global South. Such couples face very different and extreme challenges when it comes to being romantic, communicating, visiting the other, etc, which differs greatly from long distance couples say between DC and Los Angeles or Miami and England.

Ultimately, I want this blog to really become a “home”, so to speak, for not only North to South Couples, anyone in an LDR, anyone considering a LDR, anyone who is single, married, together, anyone! So, please, feel at home. My house is your house and I am easily accessible by BBM PIN: 5651705D for now. I’ll get LINE soon depending on the need, but honestly, feel free to chat with me about absolutely whatever crosses your mind!

Stay Postive, Stay Strong.