Want To Make A Career In Engineering Field — Different Types Of Engineering Courses

Want to be an engineer? Awesome, but do you know what an engineer does? Do you know what is engineering? Ok, let me clear you, engineering is a study of combination of technology, math and science. It improve and enhance the look of the society. Now, the question is, what is an engineer? An engineer is also known as problem solvers. Because an engineer can solve any critical problem in a very simple way. They have knowledge how to make things effective and efficient by the using of latest technology.

Probably, you heard about engineering, but do you know how many courses are included in this single course? Yes, engineering could be divided into various categories including aeronautical, civil, automobile, biomedical, electrical and computer science and engineering. Each engineering course has various subcategories. You can easily find engineering courses and technology courses colleges in Toronto.

List of various engineering courses:

1. Aeronautical engineering: Aeronautical engineering course is concerned with the development of spacecraft and aircraft. It involves the study of commercial and government airline design, construction and testing. To get an admission in this course, you must have an innovative, sharp mind and good eye contact.

2. Automobile engineering: It involves the study of manufacturing, designing, maintenance and development of vehicles or automobiles. It covers the production of vehicles, including design of vehicle, wheels, fuel, load, body, steering, diesel engine lubrication and position of the engine. Nowadays, due to the rise of the number of vehicles, there are so many job opportunities in this field.

3. Biomedical engineering: Biomedical engineering is a study of both medicine and biology. Biomedical engineering deals with ultrasound testing, ultraviolet radiation, ECG, EEG, MRI and scanning. They manufacture all these diagnostic machines or devices.

4. Computer science and engineering: This course involves the study of software, hardware, construction and development of computers. As you know, it is a technological era, this is one of the most important reasons that it is in high demand course throughout the world. Computer science engineer develops various software with the use of different programming languages including PHP, HTML, JAVA, c, c++ and dotnet.

5. Electrical engineering: It covers the development and designing of electrical systems and this system includes wiring, electrical utilities, lighting in building machines and other electrical system used in cars and airplanes.

6. Civil engineering: Buildings, highways, tunnels, roads, sewage systems, bridges and other transportation ways all are constructed by civil engineers. Civil engineer does not only build new projects, they also rebuild old project. They work in the construction of various projects.

The list above represents the various courses of engineering. So, if you are willing to get admission in any one of them, in which you are interested, North York College of Information and Technology is good choice. You can visit our site http://www.nycollege.ca/ for more information.