What if you cannot start your Norton antivirus after a window update?

If you are a modern world human then you must be using the latest technology. This word latest has vast dimensions. There must be a latest Smartphone in your pocket, your computer and the operating system installed all these things must be up to date. All these things that are described above need some security as they can serve as a mean for hackers to look into your life. That’s why you install best of antiviruses and antimalware. Here the word best has only one meaning and that is Norton antivirus.

Now, consider a situation where you upgrade your windows to the latest version and after installing you find that your antivirus is missing from the installed programs list. What would you do? This situation can easily be tackled with the help of Norton support +65–31582483.

Follow these trends to get your software back into your computer:

1. First, you should try with restarting your computer again. For this, close all the open windows and restart the PC.

2. If the problem persists then follow the next steps.

3. Now you have to download the Norton remove and reinstall software from its site. The file will be downloaded in browser’s default location.

4. Uninstall all the Norton family softwares in your computer before taking any step further.

5. Go to downloads and double click the NRnR icon.

6. Satisfy yourself by reading the terms and conditions and finally click the agree button.

7. In the next window, select remove and reinstall and press continue to move forward.

8. After removing all the antivirus products restart your computer. After restarting, the PC will prompt you to reinstall the antivirus again.

9. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully and recover your security back.

Now you are able to solve installation related issues by your own but there can be some situations in which you can get puzzled. For these very issues, you can Contact Norton support +65–31582483 for your help. This supportive team can solve all your problems easily. Just call and inform them.

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