How to introduce Blockchain into your own company

Bob owns a company with five employees. It’s a lot of paperwork, and he has multiple databases with information about customers, suppliers, deliveries and other activities that come with the daily operations of the company.

This is Bob

One day, Bob finds out that with the use of blockchain technology, all his database information can be stored and maintained easier as well as it makes the communication with the suppliers, customers and employees more efficient. He gets excited by this idea and plans to use the day to ask google “What is blockchain” and “How to get started with blockchain”. After several hours, Bob gets tired. He is about to give up. Bob has read about Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, Bitcoin and lots of other blockchains, but what is it he really needs? It all seems hopeless and out of reach.

Bob don’t understand

One time Bob tried to code “Hello world” in Java. After a few hours, he made it (of course after spending 45 minutes to interpret an error message indicating a parenthesis error). After this, he has no plans of repeating the experience. Bob calls a developer to get the help he needs.

Bob has given up

After a few minutes on the phone, Bob quickly hangs up. His heart is running a race and “Game over” is blinking in front of his eyes. How many thousand dollars did the developer estimate again? Bob has given up! He does not have that much money to spend on developing something he does not even know if will work!

Bob visits Medium

The next day Bob visits Medium where he reads this article. He feels encouraged by the fact that he’s not alone in not understanding how to get started with blockchain. He continues to read the article and that’s when he suddenly feels his heart beat faster. This time it’s not because of fear!

He is actually reading about a platform named Morpheus Labs. Their goal is to make blockchain technology available for everyone who wants to use it, with a user-friendly environment that doesn’t require you to be a developer to understand. Bob finds this information to be right on spot. He has got the feeling that Morpheus Labs will play the same role within the development of blockchain applications as Wordpress and Wix has played within website development!

Bob reads about Morpheus Labs

With Morpheus Labs, Bob can now easily get started with his transition to benefit from blockchain technology. By using the platform that Morpheus Labs provides, he can try out different, pre-made applications and test them on different blockchains. This saves Bob a lot of time and money. Even though he didn’t find any application that fit his need 100%, he still got help since he now gets to develop and test in the same environment. Regardless, Morpheus Labs is there to help Bob and advice him in finding the perfect solution.

The practicality of this solution is that Bob doesn’t have to worry about managing the system as this is done by Morpheus Labs’ servers. Nor does he need to worry about maintaining the nodes that will ensure and validate the network. Everything is taken care of by Morpheus Labs’ platform.

How does it work, and what’s the price?

Most of the employees behind Morpheus Labs met during attendance at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). There may not be a coincidence that Morpheus Labs token is named MITx. MITx is the fuel that runs their platform, and to get started with Morpheus Labs, an initial fee of MITx is paid. Later you can pay a monthly fee to use Morpheus Labs services, or you can pay for the applications used as you go. That way, it is easy to manage expenses that come from using the platform.

Bob, of course, has no MITx tokens, but Bob doesn’t need to fear. It’s easy to pay for the services using Euro or USD. Bob is a small entrepreneur and buys some MITx tokens he will just keep. He likes the concept and believes the price of the tokens will increase over time when others hear about the project. Also, Bob can use the MITx tokens to get discount on applications and services compared to using fiat.

Bob is now well in the process of developing the application he was looking for. It may not go smoothly at first, but it went far better and faster than he’d dared believe before he started.

Is this reality?

You may wonder if the story about Bob is a reality. My name is not Bob, and Bob is just someone I made up. But Morpheus Labs is as real as you can get it. They stand alone to offer such a platform that makes it easy to get started taking advantage of blockchain technology, as well as implement it in a daily business. The platform is not yet fully finished, but it’s undergoing rapid development as you can also see from their roadmap.

This project seems very promising, and the market has a great need for such services that lower the threshold for those who want to explore the use of blockchain technology. It’s going to be exciting to follow the development of Morpheus Labs. But I firmly believe that their services will help more companies make an entrance and take advantage of the wonders of blockchain.

If you want to learn more about Morpheus Labs and their solutions, please visit their website at or get in touch in their telegram

The content provided in this article belongs to Norway Confidential Group and all information in this article is not intended and does not constitute as legal or investment advice. Please do your own research.

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