Why FintruX will Disrupt the Financial Lending Market

This is a technical article about FintruX — The Global P2P Lending Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain And No-Code Development. You can also check out this shorter article if you are in a hurry: https://medium.com/@norwayconfidentialgroup/is-fintrux-the-future-bank-8790d9271edc

Who is NCG?

Norway Confidential Group is a closed investment group, consisting of 15 people from the snowy mountains of Norway. We work with due diligence as we do research on different projects and everything related to Blockchain, AI, DAG , IoT, Fintech and more.

Our team consist of highly motivated and industrious people with diverse backgrounds. Ranging from Professional Traders, Economic Advisors, Supply Chain Specialists, Engineers in Construction, Electronics, Mechatronics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, to Medical Doctors and Marketers.

To find out more about Norway Confidential Group, visit our website http://ncg.cash and follow us on twitter @NCGNorway for updates on new articles and technical market analyses.

To find out more about FintruX, feel free to join their community on Telegram and visit their website www.fintrux.com

The Funding Problem and How to Fix Them

Businesses need financing to grow. Getting loans with no collateral means high risk for the lender, and thus high interest rate for the borrower. Getting a loan as a startup is even more difficult as the startups rarely have positive cash flow for the first years, but they might have a great idea and a hard-working team, set for success. When the biggest challenge a startup faces is just that, having enough money. This is where Fintrux comes in to play.

How can I finance my business?

As stated above, we now know the importance of getting a loan, and how it often is the last variable to decide if a startup will fail or succeed. One of the problems with the banking sector, that FintruX solves, is the cost of getting a loan. When someone gets a loan in the bank, they agree to pay back a fixed amount plus an interest. This also applies to FintruX, where the lender is given an interest from the borrower. For the borrower, this interest is typically lower than what can be achieved by traditional financing. More on this later.

How can I diversify my investments?

History has taught us that diversification is one of the best, if not the best way to preserve wealth. There are different ways to diversify wealth, for instance into stocks and real estate. One can also invest in the bond market, proven to be one of the safest places to put money, literally guaranteed by the government, or at least the T-bonds are. The downside is the return is often minuscule. The last years have introduced a new possibility, separated from traditional financial markets, often holding higher risk, with potential of higher return. This possibility is called cryptocurrencies (new asset class). Within this domain, FintruX opens another possibility of diversification, using blockchain, but not necessary speculating in the assets valuation.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

This new way one can diversify is called Peer-to-Peer lending. The main advantage is the lack of needed trust in either the borrower or the lender. Several levels of insurance for credit default (borrower not being able to repay their debt). The loan application is instant via the FintruX issued smart contract.

What is FintruX?

FintruX Network is a global P2P lending ecosystem that employs a no-code development model and its powered by blockchain. FintruX facilitated marketplace lending in a true peer-to-peer network to ease the cash-flow issues of SMEs that typically face challenges getting loan financing, such as startup companies. While pursuing traditional financing, most SMEs face challenges such as significant collateral required, stringent requirements, and impossible rates and terms (if alternative financing is procured). With credit enhancements, no-code development, and an open ecosystem, FintruX Network makes it easy for small businesses to quickly secure affordable loans with no collateral requirement — in any currency. And thereby allowing independent operations to flourish to scale up within today’s commodity market.

FintruX offers a solution that removes third party verification costs and commissions by utilizing decentralized blockchain technology. Their no-code development environment generates smart contracts across various blockchain by utilizing their different strengths and abilities.

They also are using AI and machine learning for analyzing big data on their platform. By gathering and analyzing the data on their platform, FintruX offer futures like fraud detection, automatized credit scores and credit decision improvement advice by using these technologies. A more detailed description of their technical use case and functions can be found in their whitepaper.

Token Use Case

The FintruX token is a utility token and is through a smart contract used as the mandatory fee for matching borrowers and lenders. In return, the FintruX network will pay the fee needed to send the transaction through the blockchain network, so the users don’t need any other cryptocurrency than the FintruX (FTX) token itself to use the ecosystem. This is done peer-to-peer with the objective mathematical smart contract acting as the only hint of a middleman.

Who is FintruX targeting?

FintruX target borrowers is small businesses, especially start-ups. This, because FintruX is making unsecured loans highly secure by their low rates offered on the platform they provide.

Example of a lender:

John is becoming an old man, but he has some years left, and he has a huge heritage he is giving away to his children when he dies. John has kept the money in the bank for a long time, but the interest there is very low. So, he is wondering if there are some other solutions. If John finds his way to FintruX, he will make a perfect lender for the FintruX-platform. He is helping others out, but the best of all for John’s children, the heritage is getting bigger.

Example of a borrower: Nicole thinks she has the perfect solution for a mobile application. She has everything worked out, her engineers are ready to start on the project. There is still one thing missing: The money that will support this project. If Nicole finds her way to FintruX, she will see people around the world wanting to lend her money for this project. It might even be John.

FintruX team

Nelson Lin has brought with him a handful of his closest associates from the firm he founded in 1999, Robocoder Corporation and started up a project he has been wrestling for in many years. The idea was there, but he has been waiting for the right technology and opportunity. This team oozes of experience, almost the whole team has worke within the banking industry for several years, and most of them have been working with blockchain for years.

On the board he has his son, Conrad Lin, a marketing genius. His marketing-skills was one of the reason FintruX raised $25M in the ICO. Along with being the co-founder, Conrad is very active in social media, and cooperates well with the FintruX-community. Gary NG is the software developer every project wants to have, with over 25 years of experience in the financial sector. He is also skilled in all major programming languages and computing platforms. When it comes to front end development we find Aaron Xu, who is focusing on making the platform easy to use for the customer. Douglas Thiessen is the one within the team, who is the most experienced blockchain developer. He has worked as a full stack developer for 12 years, working with a variety of programming languages, including blockchain technology and smart contracts with solidity. The team has also a good analyst in Philemon Selvaraj, with 13 years of analyst programming experience in the accounting and financial sectors, including mission critical systems for large fortune 500 companies. In the legal department we can find Alixe Cormick. Alixe is a legal counsel and has taken companies public in the Canadian and U.S trading markets for 22 years.

The team is currently expanding, they are looking for three positions, Business Development manager, Public Relations manager and Content Creator and Social Media Manager.


Development Partners:

Robocoder Corporation: Existed since 1999. Robocoder has accumulated immense statistical data for many billions of dollars of financing assets. This big data will be used to validate FintruX Network’s servicing models and thus forming the FintruX development team.

Rintagi: Nelson Lin invented the time-saving no-code development platform called Rintagi. This platform is built by Robocoder. Rintagi is used as both the knowledge and technology base of FintruX.

Microsoft: The development team at Robocoder Corp has developed a very close partnership with Microsoft over the past 20 years, so all the solutions they develop for FintruX are also backed by Microsoft themselves. They form the management team at Fintrux. FintruX list Microsoft as a partner because the relationship between Robocoder and Microsoft is especially close. It goes much further beyond just a standard ISV partnership that many other companies have and the FintruX team get to leverage that partnership for FintruX too.

Ecosystem Partners:

Bloom: Bloom will solve the problem to verify identity or creditworthiness on cross-border economics with solutions using BloomID, BloomIQ and BloomScore. By leveraging these features on their platform, FintruX will bring greater reliability and improved borrower credit scoring to our ecosystem. FintruX contributes to the Bloom platform by updating a borrower’s BloomID with their payback rate. If a borrower defaults or misses payments, their rating will be negatively affected. On the other hand, if they successfully carry out their repayment schedule, they are rewarded with a positive rating.

Hive: FintruX through HIVE, can build bridges between referring clients who are looking for AR Factoring to Hive Project and open the door to European and Russian markets.

The co-founder and CEO of Hive project, Jure Soklic, has joined the FintruX team as their banking advisor.

Sentinel: Sentinel Chain (ticker: SENC) Sentinel Chain is a promising blockchain-based B2B marketplace that empowers the unbanked. Sentinel Chain can be used to identify and verify livestock ownership and offers a solution that enables the unbanked to unlock the value in their livestock assets through livestock insurance and collateralized loans.

Blonde 2.0: Blonde 2.0 is an award-winning global PR agency based out of Tel Aviv, with global offices in the US. They have over 280 clients, including Spotify, Microsoft, PWC, Viber, Waze, and HP. Their blockchain client portfolio boasts prominent players in the blockchain industry, such as IOTA and Status. They will be responsible for handling strategic messaging, reputation and brand management, media relations, and public relations efforts for the company.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Cynopsis Solutions
Trust Wallet


FintruX is making healthy progress and there are exciting times ahead, with beta-testing and scaling of the platform in 2018.

Making unsecure loans, highly secure

We are excited about FintruX because of the fact that they are solving a real world problem within the lending marketplace. P2P lending market has not yet realized its true potential and we believe FintruX is primed to take a big market share within this sector when it does. Essentially FintruX does two jobs, it makes it easier, and often cheaper to take a loan. The second job FintruX does is to enable a new way of diversification in an investor’s portfolio.

We will keep follow and support this project. Any questions you might have, will definitely be answered by their active community where you will find several of our members.


The content provided in this article belongs to Norway Confidential Group and all information in this article is not intended and does not constitute as legal or investment advice. Please do your own research.

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