Announcing the NOS token airdrop for Nano holders


Visit to get your free NOS tokens

We at NOS have set ourselves an ambitious goal: to revolutionize the way people send money by combining accessible cryptocurrency networks with traditional banking. Our fully backed stablecoins allow people around the world to make feeless and instant payments, without drawbacks of other cryptocurrencies, like price volatility or wasteful mining.

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, our coins and tokens utilize the ingenious blocklattice-technology introduced by Colin LeMahieu in 2015 for the cryptocurrency Nano. We are incredibly thankful for all the amazing work the Nano team has done to develop the world’s most sophisticated cryptocurrency protocol, get people from all around the world together to participate in an active community and allow them to build their own services on top of the Nano protocol.

In order to further decentralize the NOS network and promote the adoption of blocklattice technology and our stablecoins, we will give away free NOS tokens to Nano holders at a rate of 10:1.

What are the benefits of NOS tokens?

The NOS utility token was designed to incentivize investors to fund the development and promotion of the NOS ecosystem.

The tokens will grant early access to our products and serve as a discount voucher on our product fees. Most notably, token holders will be able to use their NOS tokens to save on cash-out fees (e.g. NOLLAR to US dollar).

If you wanna know more about the NOS utility token, check out our white paper.

Am I eligible for the airdrop?

You are eligible for the airdrop if you held Nano during the snapshot taken on November 13.

To make sure that only rightful account owners receive their NOS tokens, only users who are in control of their private keys are eligible for the airdrop. This means that exchange accounts like Binance or OKEx are excluded from the airdrop.

We reward all accounts that have broadcasted at least one block to the blockchain and contained at least 1 NANO of funds in total (regardless if pending or pocketed).

How many NOS tokens will I receive?

For every Nano in your wallet, you will receive 10 NOS tokens.

We want to achieve a fair and wide distribution of the NOS tokens. Our products are meant to be inclusive and for everyone, not just for the rich. We will thus cap the number of airdropped tokens at 2,000 NOS per registered Nano wallet.

If you want more tokens, you can refer friends, family and followers to the airdrop site with the personalized link you will see after submitting your NOS address. We reward each successful invite with a 10% bonus for you.

How do I claim my NOS tokens?

Easy. Just visit and follow the instructions.

If you do not have a NOS wallet yet, open the NOS web wallet and click CREATE WALLET. Be sure to write down your seed!

Enter your NOS address at and hit go to the next step.

Open the Nano wallet of your choice and send 0.000001 NANO or more to the address displayed on the site. This Nano deposit address was individually generated for you. The transaction verifies your ownership of the Nano account.

If you want to participate with multiple Nano accounts, just repeat the transfer of the small amount. You can use the same Nano deposit address for all your accounts.


That’s it. After we have checked the Nano addresses you entered, you will receive your NOS tokens. This process should take less than a minute.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or contact any of our admins or community managers over at our Discord server.

Any attempt at cheating the system will result in losing all of your airdrop balance and a ban on future campaigns.



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