The nOS Token Pre Sale Registration is open !

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When we decided on the model of the nOS token Pre Sale, we wanted to make sure that the whitelist process is as fair as possible to the people who wish to participate, and to those who wish to engage with the nOS ecosystem and community.

Therefore, when we started the first round of our whitelist selection, we promised a 2nd round selection period where we allocate entries based on the number of invalid/incomplete KYCs from winners of the first round.

Also for Pre Sale and Public Sale you can just join !

That starts !

How to Register


  • Winners of both selection rounds can participate in both Public Sale Round 1 and Round 2.
  • If you lost the first selection round, you have to re-apply to this round.
  • Anyone can register until now.
  • You need to register on now !
  • Selection will be random, based on a block hash generated in the future.

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