Why I’m writing a Windows 3 Emulator
Brad @ Cantabile

Nice hobby project…

Since GoG.com (Great Old Games) was searching some time ago, any project to run old Windows 3.1 games without licensing problems, and to make possible someday to sell or packaging old 16-bit software for modern 64-bits Windows users. (DosBox and nGlide emulators are already bundled on some game titles).

I think you should contact GoG.com about your project, since it will grant to sell some classics (Not only Solitaire, but great games like Dark Seed II), using your Win3mu emulator to bridge the 16-bit game to the 64-bit host Windows OS, and bring some revenue to your benefict.

(Linux users can use Wine already, since the 16-bit Windows supports works on 64-bit Linux OS)

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