The Art of Being

Growing up being an introvert kid always has had its share of recurring aspects that reflects and affects your present self. The brighter lesson learnt with time is that it has helped me be in peace with myself. And it hasn’t been an easy task. It is an art in itself, to be able to come in terms with things that nurture your mind, revitalize your body and rejuvenate your soul.

Have we truly mastered the art of being at peace with ourselves? Maybe not ! It is saddening to see so many people being aloof and petrified of their own company. The mere thought of having to be alone with their own presence for long…all by themselves & having nobody to talk to, cripples their mind and debilitates them. Then one looks out at resorting to having forced conversations, having an overtly active social life, and keeping themselves constantly bombarded with friends and acquaintances and if no choice exists then maybe drown themselves in their work and end up becoming workaholics with the primary factor being the same: to be able to avoid the distress and restlessness they feel when left on their own.

Why do we constantly feel the urge to fill this void? Not like it is mandatory, or is it indeed? That is a question to ask deep within to one self. Being constantly dependent on other people for your happiness is a vicious circle and a habit that engulfs your insecurities to find temporary escapism or relief. But what if it suddenly crumbles one day? Would you be able to then embrace yourself suddenly? The matter of fact is that this dependent-comfort would always be fleeting and sadly, self-defeating.

Again, that doesn’t mean you ought to feel sad about you being alone, it is perfectly fine. We are just not conditioned to be able to express our emotions freely and suppressing it deep within only aggravates the core matter. Learn to embrace it. Take that little step and make the attempt to embrace it. It will help you gradually conquer it and eventually fill the void and make your heart fill with the feeling of self content.

Our society has a tendency to look down upon people who keep to themselves or who are seen to be at comfort with themselves as something unusual and disturbing to their rigid sight, often tagging it with the label of “isolation” when it fact it is a free conscious decision. While being alone and lonely are often referred to be one and the same but being alone doesn’t equate to being lonely. Mastering the art of being alone initially may seem scary but once you are able to comprehend it well, it assists in your development and growth within. Being alone allows you to drop this strongly held “social guard”, thus giving you the freedom to be introspective, to gauge what you truly want and feel.

Being alone will help you to connect with your inner being more closely, allowing you to more readily access the creative and intuitive aspects of yourself.

Being an introvert, I draw my strength and courage from times of being quiet and alone, which is a thumb rule ritual in my life today. I personally use my alone time to unpack my worries and breathe a bit, and by that I mean breathe freely! And if you end up encountering yourself to be bummed and just can’t move past the feeling, remember that it is perfectly okay to let that out too! Maybe sometimes you just need to allow yourself to feel sad for a moment, have a good cry to release the emotional build-up, let it all out, and make a conscious effort not to dwell in the temporary comfort and make sure to bounce back stronger to be able to make peace with the situation faster.

Give yourself the gift of your own time and energy-there’s nothing more worth it ! :)

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