Almost-failed entrepreneur with a long distance relationship ________________________________

Neha told me how she got married to Amit. “it was more of a rebound, I was dating Neil but he dumped me for a taller, fairer girl. Amit came home and asked my mom if he could marry me”.

Cool breeze was a celebrated luxury. We did not have air conditioners and we lived on the first floor. No floor above us, it really got hot sometimes. My early days in Patna.

There is a regret. Deep regret I feel. That evening in Goa, our honeymoon- she was swaying, with her wine glass, telling me of her childhood and how she missed her dad. How he was so special. A special man. I was not interested in all that. I wanted to make love to her.

The problem to solve here is to find <People> like <her>. If I have a function that returns list of people sorted in decreasing resemblance to her, I am at a beautiful and relevant target audience.

We should never demean others. They have fought their battles and have been where they are, as you see them. He told me to prefer institutional investors over corporate investors. Institutional investors fight your battles with you and would keep you afloat longer than corporate investors. They have a reputation to guard. Seed investors would think if the company would be worthy of Series A.

That’s fucked up.

This chocolate tasted good. It was love, sent from Europe. Three kinds- white (with crackles), dark and mousse.

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