Getting Started with the Noster API

The primary function of the Noster API is to allow clients to find venues near a specified location. Each query lists up 50 venues and there are options to list all venues and to just list high-scoring venues. These queries allow you to get basic information about these venues along with all available social media links.

To get started with the Noster API, you’ll first have to register your interest at Once we’ve reviewed your details we’ll send you a mail to allow you to complete the registration. After this, you’ll be able to log in and kick the tyres on our database.

The Noster API is built in such a way that you can examine the data near you on any geo-enabled web-browser. If you know how to manipulate your position on a desktop browser or on Android, you can examine data wherever you like.

Once you’re happy with what you’re seeing, you can start to look at the exact same data in our API and plug this data into your own applications and services by following our documentation.

We have more advanced options available but we believe that the best way to get started is with the simpler setup, figure out the use-cases and add more advanced options later.

For a demonstration of what can be done with the Noster API, have a look at our Hopr App at