The ambition of a 8-year old lemonade maker

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“Bunny Fountain Refreshments” was named after our location, the Bunny Fountain in my hometown of Trumbull, CT

When I was 8 years old I opened a lemonade stand on my block. I was very passionate about growing a business and impressing my father. Lemonade seemed like an easy, albeit trite, business venture for me.

We did good that summer. Not great. By the end of August, it occurred to me that we simply didn’t get enough traffic in front of my parent’s house… so we relocated to a spot in the middle of town… The Bunny Fountain.

That following summer I experienced my first taste of successful business. I was so excited that my Father helped me type together a business plan. …

Who’s the idiot now?


Tim Nostrand

Entrepreneur // Thinker // Father of Unicorns

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