Sample incentive plans for employees

We’ve previously discussed why rewarding employees is important. We also wanted to provide some sample incentive plans for employees at other companies to give you an idea of some potential incentive plans you could implement at your company.

You could also just peruse the article to see how your company stacks up. Let’s take a look at how top companies incentivize their employees.


Let’s first take a look at how google incentivizes their employees.

  • Free food from several gourmet cafes
  • can bring your dog to the office
  • subsidized massages on-site
  • on-site gyms
  • on-site doctors


Facebook offers the following incentives to their employees:

  • Free food
  • up to $3000 reimbursement for childcare
  • 4 weeks of vacation, 11 holidays and unlimited sick days
  • Four months paid maternity or paternity leave

SC Johnson

SC Johnson’s primary incentive is an onsite concierge service. The service will do just about anything for the employees including car maintenance, dry cleaning, and grocery shopping.


Quicksilver employees are incentivized to take some time to go surfing at Huntington Beach.


Genentech offers free child and dog daycare while their employees are working.


Microsoft provides free transportation to their employees in Washington. The employees commute in Microsoft buses that have wifi and take employees right to their office.


MillerCoors offers their employees an onsite pub that serves company beers.


  • SAS has the following employee benefits:
  • On-site healthcare
  • Childcare and summer camps
  • Beauty Salon
  • Car Cleaning

Top 10 things that employees say they want

  1. Appreciation for job well done
  2. Feeling that they are in the know on things
  3. Sympathetic help on personal problems
  4. Job Security
  5. Good wages
  6. Interesting work
  7. Promotion and growth opportunities
  8. Personal loyalty to workers
  9. Good working conditions
  10. Tactful discipline

What do employers think that their employees want

  1. Good wages
  2. Job Security
  3. Promotion and growth opportunities
  4. Good working conditions
  5. Interesting work
  6. Personal loyalty to workers
  7. Tactful discipline
  8. Full appreciation for work done
  9. Sympathetic help with personal problems
  10. Feel that they are in the know on things

It appears that employees and employers are not completely on the same page. Employers think that wages and job security are the key to incentivizing employees. Employees seem to value more of the non-monetary recognition.

Even though all of the top companies appear to have elaborate incentive programs, you do not need to start out with wild programs at your company to keep your employees motivated.

You can use these sample incentive plans for employees as just that a sample, but make sure the your employees feel appreciated, feel involved and that you are sympathetic with their personal problems before implementing any of the other items from these sample incentive plans for employees.

Originally published at on April 19, 2016.