For the same reason it’s a problem when women are excluded from things that are “men-only”.
Insatiable Booksluts

There are plenty of times when females being excluded from male spaces is not sexist. Male healthcare, male support groups, male intimate spaces, even certain male-centered events are all fine to exclude women from.

Also, your stats are wrong. It’s 1 in 5 women have reportedly been victims of attempted or completed RAPE, 1 in 2 sexually assaulted otherwise.

Then you can compare murders. The rate of women murdered in domestic violence by an intimate partner alone is higher than the rate of transwomen murdered. You can also dive deeper into that by looking at race. Almost all of the transwomen murdered are black. Many of them are also prostituted.

WOMEN do not murder transwomen. MALES murder transwomen.

“Because there’s nothing we go through that trans women don’t go through worse.”

Bull. There are plenty of things females face that transwomen don't. FGM being one.

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