I’ve been working on getting a blog set up for my buddy Chris using Ghost. It’s a great platform and has matured a lot since the last time I spent any time with it — which is the last time is set up a blog for him before I carelessly deleted the VPS it was running on…

Chris sent me a JSON backup he found and I got started reading up on the changes to Ghost that have happened in the meantime, making the necessary changes, and provisioning a new server. Once everything was installed and configured, the only things…

If you’ve ever used React (or any number of JS frameworks nowadays, really), you’ve probably encountered hot module reloading (HMR), and most likely by way of webpack and it’s accompanying development server. If somehow you aren’t familiar with HMR, it boils down to the ability to replace pieces of an app at runtime. So if you’re developing a component you don’t have to reload the entire app to see your changes; rather, the application knows how to accept the changes and re-render the component. …

If you’re here, I’m going to assume you know what Jenkins is, why you might want to use it, and why you would want a reverse proxy in front of it (*cough* HTTPS, *cough* hacking your CI server lets people run whatever commands they want on your machine). I’m not here to tell you what you already know or how to configure Jenkins for your project.

I’m here to, hopefully, help someone out who is in similar shoes to those I was in, struggling to get IIS and Jenkins to play nicely together, because it needn’t be difficult.

Installing Jenkins

Whenever possible…

Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as:

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

I just got home from the most grueling — albeit worthwhile—trip of my life. A longtime buddy and former roommate of mine, Micheal, had been trying to get me to go on a trip for a while. Both of us being nerds, when we found out about the Great American Eclipse, we were all in, no hesitations. We planned a moderate route, gave ourselves a flex day, and on August 17, we set off.

Thursday Aug 17

We were off to a late…

Our first delve into CI/CD

At Profisciencē, we do a lot of things the old school way, but we’re making the rounds and bringing not only our app, but the tooling behind it and our architecture into 2017.

This week, that meant automating our alpha server so that pull requests become available for our lovely tester Kim. As it stood, her workflow involved RDP-ing into alpha, doing a git pull and git checkout, and publishing a site (one of our build tasks).

Our build process already contained half of what we needed to get started, a yarn deploy task that…

ko-component-router v5

I feel quite guilty for introducing a breaking change so soon after releasing a major version, but alas, there is a reason behind the madness. I’m here to explain.

If you’ve used ko-component-router before, you’ve hopefully read the docs and seen some code a little bit like this…

Components define routes, and then pass them into the router via params.

The problem with this approach comes when using middleware and nested routers. Given that the routes are defined in the viewModel, they are inaccessible until render. This means that when you call .update() to a nested route…

But life is about learning new things

  • Attach tow bar to baseplate on car with hitch pin , prop up
  • Approach Ellie, get out, check, adjust, repeat
  • Lower tow bar onto tow ball, and lock with hitch pin
  • Turn car to “On” position, put in neutral; wait for “Transmission is Ready” message on HUD
  • Roll window down
  • Pop hood
  • Route tow light wiring out window and under wiper blade and hood, and out front fascia (I’ve yet to cut a hole in the firewall and install a more permanent lighting / brake controller receptacle)
  • Wrap wire loosely around tow bar…

Well, Eleanor is home now. It’s official.

We hit the road on Monday evening after a month and a half of delays. We can try to blame the carburetor for that, but in all actuality we just had a lot more work left to do that needed to be done before departure. This was made immediately evident on what was supposed to be only a few nights before our departure.

We headed out for my brother, Seth’s, place in Harper Woods, MI from Center Line, MI. It’s not a far drive at all, but we never even made our first turn. I could feel she wasn’t driving…

Musings on family, loss, and the greatest cat to have ever lived


“Forget something?”

“Stella is dead”


That is the entirety of the conversation I had this morning on the way to breakfast. Driving along the street that runs just beside my apartment complex, I spotted a lifeless ball of black fluff on the roadside; Our ball of black fluff.

The mood in the car changed immediately. We went from excitement for eggs benedict to solemn more quickly than I think I’ve ever experienced. …

Casey Webb

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