I’m jonsin for the next Stormlight Archive book

Brandon Sanderson is working away on book 3, another 1000 page tome fantasy masterpiece. The Stormlight archives are the only books is listen to instead of read.

Yes I do end up reading them at least once but the Audio books are so well produced that I enjoy my time where I can shut down all other influencing media and just go on a trip in my head.

I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for these books with quiet chaos.

Brandon Sanderson also gave me some of my best writing advice I’ve had. He came to the writing convention in Dallas like 5 years back (I’m a little fuzzy on the time) and I waited in line with my book for him to sign. After the initial excitement of saying what’s up, your book is great, he prompted me to ask him a question.

He probably smelled the desperation on me; that starved the recognized artist who wants to know how to be acknowledged when what they’re doing wasn’t working. I asked him how. He told me how he did it. Write another book. For yourself. Another is the relative term. In his case another was 12. I’ll give you my count later.