5 Times women being good at sports meant they were men

Since the TERFs are all giddy with excitement about Caster Semenya, a woman, running real fast because of how her natural body works I figured this would be an interesting topic to research. And I was absolutely spoiled for choice, so if this article is popular I do not mind making a sequel or two. Honestly, the misogyny directed towards women who are good at sports is seemingly unending.

So here’s a quick list of 5 times women who were good at sports were called men, or otherwise accused of having high testosterone for being good at sports. And challenge mode, I’ll do it without even mentioning Serena and Venus Williams, who are the obvious choice for sports women who have received this kind of bullshit in the media and general society.

Brittney Griner — Basketball player

She tall, she good with ball. So lets call her a man! Or just almost as bad, claim she ‘plays like a man’ because she’s good at sports. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a lot of men play sports, very few of them were good. (Shout out to my dad coming to play with me and my friends when he was like 40 and falling over. ❤)

tldr though, don’t correlate man with good at sports, people who train and work hard at it are good at sports, and that’s pretty damn gender neutral.

Martina Navratilova — Tennis player

I mostly put this one in for the irony as she’s one of the celebrity athletes who has recently kicked up a shit storm over trans and intersex inclusion in sports. Which has, in part, led to the decision made by the IAAF to force Caster Semenya to medicate her T levels down. But yes, even she has been accused of being a man, manly or masculine in the media for being good at sport.

Megan Anderson — UFC fighter

She real strong, she punch things and people real hard. So of course she has invited the “is she a man? is she on testosterone?” conversation along with the constant body shaming. Including shaming her tattoos at one point? Which was interesting I guess, not sure how they impact her athletic ability but gosh darned she’s a woman good at sport so you better believe she’s getting shit for it.

Fatima Whitbread — Javelin thrower

They Think Its All Over is a TV show about sports. Its in Britain’s favourite genre of television, the quirky panel show. Where you have a bunch of guests on with some regulars and they all talk talk about a topic together and what’s going on. Its supposed to be light and fun evening television for sports fans, and people who don’t like sport but want to pretend to know what’s going on and be able to make jokes around the water cooler at work.

British comedy does this kind of thing quite a lot, with so many different topics and people. This time was Fatima Whitbread for being good at throwing pointy sticks real far, and it cost them pretty dearly after she sued over the false accusations.

Sam Stosur — Tennis player

And here we have yet another example of how other women in sports aren’t actually infallible and may sometimes be contributing to the problem. Because after being trashed by Sam Stosur, her competitor Dominika Cibulkova, went to the media to accuse Stosur of being overpowering and playing like a man. You know… for being a woman who is good at sports.

Long story short, some women are good at sport get over it.