Jess Bradley suspended from NUS

Update: before you leave a shitty comment, please go read this article.

Jess is, or rather was, elected as student officer for the national union of students. An organisation which represents student rights and tries to get the best for students across the United Kingdom. She’s recently been suspended however, over alleged flashing and potentially other unlawful images found on a Tumblr blog she runs.

As of yet, we have no idea whether its actually Jess in the photos or whether the captions are, like most captions surrounding pornographic images, pure fantasy.

“Gender critical feminists” across the country are posting about it on social media, and Mumsnet are trying to act like this is the standard for trans women. Some even going as far as to suggest that Jess’ activism and her focus on trans women in men’s prison is somehow all a deceptive ruse. The point of which being to sexually harass cis women.

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Jess has released a statement saying that she’s confident she hasn’t committed any unlawful acts and that this whole thing will blow over real soon.

It seems like… most of the outrage surrounding this has been about kinkshaming — and I can’t believe I am unironically writing this in an article in 2018. In short, a bunch of people think her kink is weird and that she should feel bad for having it.

Don’t get me wrong, if the pictures are her, and she has actually been flashing people in public? Then she deserves to be suspended. No doubt about that. But the fact that most of the conversation here is about how disgusting her kink is kinda makes me sad. I thought we were passed being all judge-y about what people like sexually.

There is other questionable material on the blog too, such as an image of two cartoon characters who in their canon universe are not old enough to consent, having sex.

The anti-trans response has been as predictable as ever. Whenever a trans person does something bad its automatically applied as if its a standard to all trans women. So because one trans woman is allegedly an exhibitionist flasher, we all could be and so things like women’s spaces should keep us out, for the protection of women.

This is literally no different to racism, and the prejudice against black people using the few cases of bad black people as their justification. Murderous gangbangers who are black absolutely exist; but this doesn’t mean we should treat Neil DeGrasse Tyson like shit for it. One single shared attribute doesn’t make us the same person.

Likewise, the anti-trans activists argue that because there are a handful of crappy trans people out there who do kinda crappy stuff; we’re all bad. With prejudice against black people, the physical characteristic which links them is their skin colour. For the anti-trans activists, their prejudice stems from viewing penises as weapons. So anyone who has one is automatically a bad person.

The argument being that most rapes and violence happen to cis women at the hands of people with penises, therefore its the penis which is the problem! When specifically directed at trans people, you can even see anti trans activists parading around dodgy stats which suggest 80% of trans women don’t have reassignment surgery. There’s a constant focus on the penis as if its somehow responsible for anything of its own accord.

It isn’t and it in no way indicates whether someone is a rapist or any other kind of bad person. The thing with weapons is that they don’t actually do any damage on their own, a baseball bat doesn’t swing its self, a gun doesn’t shoot itself and a car isn’t going to drive itself into a bunch of people. Every single time a weapon has been used its required someone to wield it and make the decision to use it to harm someone.

And its that person, that individual and specific person who we should direct our outrage towards. Not anyone who can be tangentially linked to them through some arbitrary similarity, such as having a penis or the same colour eyes. Because its only that one person who did something bad — nobody else.

In Jess’ case specifically? I’m not sure where to stand. I don’t know all the facts yet, but if its as reported, if Jess has been getting her junk out in public and the picture of the underage cartoon characters was posted by her? Then she probably deserves to lose her job.

This absolutely shouldn’t in anyway negatively impact other trans people, but it will if the anti-trans activists have their way. The best thing we can do to stop that from happening is making sure we show this anti trans bullshit for what it really is; pure prejudice and nothing more.