I am absolutely appalled by the concept of “cotton ceiling”.
What I want to Accomplish, and what I need to accomplish it.
Tranime Girl

You clearly don’t understand the concept.

Short story; it’s a criticism of lesbians using their sexuality as a shield for transphobia. The point is they think they can justify transphobic statements such as “I would never sleep with a trans woman, I’m a lesbian and I don’t like men” but they can’t. It’s still a transphobic statement to make because she’s saying we are men when we aren’t.

She’s very much entitled to not sleep with anyone she doesn’t want to. If she doesn’t like dicks? Fine by me I don’t care. But to leverage her sexuality against my womanhood and act like I’m not a real woman because she wouldn’t fuck me is full on misogyny in and of itself. A persons value as a woman isn’t derived from whether you’d fuck her or not.