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Transgender journalist mostly writing about the rise of transphobic hate campaigning in the UK. Words in IndyVoices and AnInjustice! Mag. Commissions welcome.

Why? Because he said something transphobic too, of course.

Rosie Duffield MP, sitting on two chairs at once because she seems to be utterly incapable of making space for other people who aren’t Rosie Duffield MP.

Rosie Duffield’s foray into transphobia started off with the same transphobia-lite dogwhistling we’ve seen from so many others. As with those others, after being criticised for engaging in such a dogwhistle she has done nothing but double down on transphobic positions. Other transphobes have goaded her on in their usual cultish way and any time she does a dick move you bet there will be #IStandWithRosieDuffield trending.

Transphobes call any and all criticism of the behaviour Duffield engages in bullying and harassment. I don’t doubt she has been sent abusive and…

A photo of Helen Joyce wearing a shirt that has a pattern of bunny rabbits on it. As we know from science, once a year around March the bunnies all come out and lay their eggs, which human children hunt down for precious chocolatey protein. The surviving eggs hatch into more bunnies and the circle of life continues.

So Helen Joyce has written a book which states in its introduction “this book is not about trans people”. The book is titled “Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality” and is almost entirely about transgender people throughout. So we are off to a great start already. Ps this article is not about Helen Joyce, its about platypus.

This book has had trans Twitter absolutely buzzing to be honest. There’s been so much drama, there’s been accusations of antisemitism, threats of lawsuits and every day someone posts a new page of it and I can see why. …

JK Rowling at some event or something. I don’t know, honestly getting tired of saving her pics to my PC for these articles.

So recently I wrote, what I thought, to be a pretty emotive article about how trans men and non-binary people just want to be seen, included and feel like they have a chance for justice. This after JK Rowling got involved with a conversation about that in which the backlash to her transphobia was referenced. I thought “that’s it, done my part, no more Rowling for a bit”.

What a fool I was! As now it seems someone has sent Rowling a bomb threat, specifically a pipe bomb — which I only mention because A) search engine optimization spelled the…

A photo of JK Rowling wearing blue and in front of an ad for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. I’ve been reliably informed that her faical expression is known as an “autogynesmile”.

Once again JK Rowling has decided to do something deemed “very not okay” by the trans community online. JK Rowling originally dipped her feet into transphobia by liking a tweet which referred to trans women as “men in dresses” before her (or her team) blamed it on her being middle-aged. She later showed that to have just been a lie by repeatedly doubling down on transphobic rhetoric including a 4,000 word essay. And she’s done it again folks!

In this outing of JK Rowling acting like transphobia is just okay now, she quote tweeted (no I will not call it…

A view of the top tweet on Twitter when you search #KatyTERF right now. It’s from Katy Montgomerie and reads: For anyone discovering #KatyTERF and wondering what it’s about, it’s about me! But don’t worry, I’m not a TERF lol The TL;DR is that I’m a trans woman that the transphobes don’t like, and they’re trying to say I’m a transphobe to confuse people More info below.

So here’s a little bit of trans joy for you towards the end of the week in which JK Rowling has once again been a dick. Don’t buy her stuff. Fuck that. But today’s story isn’t about that, today’s story is… a little weirder, but also kind of fun? Today’s story is the story of #KatyTERF, currently (as I write) trending on Twitter.

So, what happened. As with all transphobia, the tiniest thing set the transphobes off into bigoted frenzy yet again. …

LGB Alliance logo, I’ve made the joke about it being black and white in colour scheme and how that’s indicative of their kind of thinking. So allow me to make the second joke you can make about this god awful logo. The letters LGB are in a box, exactly where LGB Alliance want these uppity queers to be — back in their box.

LGB Alliance are a UK based group set up to be antagonistic towards transgender people and our human rights. The group was given charity status by the UK government recently. The Charity Commission released a statement justifying their decision and by justifying, I mean making poor excuses for while setting out clear rules for LGB Alliance to follow. Rules which they have immediately and repeatedly broken without consequence.

So that’s all pretty embarrassing, but do you want to know what else is embarrassing? Claiming to be an organisation set up to support lesbian, gay and bisexual people while repeatedly demonstrating…

A photo of pride flags being waved in the air. There are two rainbow pride flags in the foreground with a trans pride flag in the background. #SOCIETY #DEEP #VISUALMETAPHORSARESUBTLE

If you’re trans and on social media you have almost certainly heard this phrase before; We Can Always Tell. When I joined in the neverending social media transgender discourse, you basically couldn’t move for this phrase being spouted off left right and center. So what’s the point of it? What does it mean? What arguments are being made?

Well, you’d probably be unsurprised to find out that yes, once again; the cruelty is the point. Sure, transphobes may try to argue that they’re not trying to be mean or that they’re just stating facts or whatever. But their relationship with…

For those of you who don’t like blood or images of violence rest assured they will be censored or, if linked to, clearly earmarked as containing images of violence so you don’t accidentally see anything you don’t wanna see.

Edit: When I first talked about this story I knew only of the one victim who had been stabbed at this protest by this specific man during this specific kerfuffle. I’ve since found out that this man stabbed two people, one of them on the trans inclusive side of the protest. It’s reported that this second person (who was actually stabbed…

LGB Alliance’s Allison Bailey, wispa finding lemon discovering transphobe.

Trans Twitter has been in roars of laughter this weekend after we were accused of trying to poison LGB Alliance member Allison Bailey’s dog. I know, it shouldn’t be a laughing matter but hear me out. The accusations come after Bailey discovered a chocolate bar and a lemon discarded in her garden.

I imagine upon seeing the trash in her garden Bailey collected it up and immediately took to Twitter. Her initial post about the ‘incident’ blames transgender people for the act by signing off the post with “Right side of history my arse”. …

A headshot of Nigella Lawson smiling while standing in front of a fridge and wearing a red dress. I know, its a headshot so how do I know its a dress? I’ll never tell.

quick content warning: there is some minor discussion of domestic violence here so feel free to give this a pass if its not for you.

Nigella Lawson is perhaps most famous for her work as a celebrity chef. Her first book, How to Eat, was released in 1998 and quickly became a best seller. Followed by Nigella Bites, her cooking show in 1999 which was accompanied by its own best selling book. She’s always been a bit posh for my liking, and as the daughter of a Tory Lord I can see why I never vibed with her. …

Gemma Stone

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