Transgender journalist mostly writing about the rise of transphobic hate campaigning in the UK. Words in IndyVoices and AnInjustice! Mag. Commissions welcome.

Man who often says crap things intends to continue his streak, more at 10

A photo of Richard Dawkins in front of some bushes wearing a jumper. Its that one photo that I remembr someone doing a morph of where he turns into Emma Watson and I can never unsee it. Which is a shame, Emma seems kinda okay.

Richard Dawkins, a man whose name I’ve only written here and in the title because it will come up in searches a lot more than what I actually want to talk about, WHRC or “Women’s Human…

You are, you and everyone like you who has spent years upon years manufacturing outrage and fear for profit.

A photo of Julie Bindel doing the thing a lot of anti-feminist, conservatives and even literally actually Hitler once did; posing with tape over your mouth to signify how silenced and canelled you are while constantly being platformed in the media.

Daily Mail, a bastion of feminism according to transphobes and transphobes alone, recently put out an obviously inflammatory piece. The piece states that a cisgender woman and survivor of violence has…

Always hated it when papers/media called things a “row” because its almost always not that. Now look at me. I’ve sold out to Big Row™. Disgusting.

A photo of one of the BBC headquarters with a video camera in shot. The monitor for the camera shows the BBC logo being framed, get it, because this article is all about transphobic framing. Aha. I’m funny.

BBC has now backed out of Stonewall’s diversity champions list and their workplace index citing an inability to be “impartial” while linked to Stonewall…

A stock image that came up when I searched for “work”. It shows someone typing at a laptop with a black coffee in a mug and their glasses on top of a notepad. Which is ridiculous, put your glasses on to use your laptop, you silly bean. This is ruining my immersion.

Here in Britain we really like to think of ourselves as quite progressive and tolerant of people’s differences. We like to imagine that stories of this caliber to be part of our distant past, like IBM firing Lynn Conway for coming out as transgender some 50+ years ago. …

Shits been heavy, here’s a bit of a ligher one? Hopefully?

A photo of Bonnie Wright at some kind of awards or ceremony of some sort. I don’t know, I don’t pay attention to what famous people do.

“Have you signed up to my newsletter?” asks Bonnie Wright, the actress who played Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter film series. It’s her very first newsletter according to the tweet she posted on November 1st 2021. …

Big content warning for descriptions of violence and sexual abuse here btw.

A phot of Lily Cade who is apparently a rapist that writes violent fantasies about murdering trans woman. The photo is the exact same one from the article written by the BBC which attempts to frame transgender women as predatory towards cis women.

I didn’t know who Lily Cade was until recently, I’d wager most everyone else didn’t either. The BBC chose to include her in an article in which it attempted to frame transgender women as predatory towards cisgender women…

I don’t even know what’s wrong with these people, but fuck me is it something.

I think this is a photo of BBC’s John McManus, taken as a screenshot from a news segment he was giving. It might not be him though, I have no idea what he looks like but this was uploaded to a YouTube channel under his name so I’m just gonna assume its him.

John McManus, a BBC reporter and producer with over 19 years at the BBC according to his LinkedIn, has taken to Twitter to compare trans people to Jimmy Savile. In a handful of tweets he…

A photo of Conservative MP Angela Richardson. She’s wearing a green screen coloured outfit which is always a mistake, I do not understand why people continue to insist on doing this in the year of our lord video editing is free and easy to do.

The sun never sets on the Brit’s capacity for pointless queerphobia. This Time its Angela Richardson, a Conservative MP for the constituency of Guildford who has taken a shot at our community. Which part exactly? Why, it’s the children of course! …

Gemma Stone

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