not Pak is a colorful community-centered NFT Collectible inspired by the works of Murat Pak. The project aims to create aesthetically pleasing derivatives and add value to the original Pak pieces, by indirectly increasing their online exposure.

The project is not affiliated with Murat Pak or any legal entity surrounding Murat Pak.

not Pak´s homage to Pak´s “Metanoia”

To assure the integrity of the project, 80 items can be claimed by original Pak owners, $ASH will be accepted as payment for all items via offers, and 20% of all profits will be given to charity.

There will ever be a maximum supply of 690 items on Ethereum and 690 items on Polygon.

All 1380 items are unique, with different degrees of variation. Moreover, we are burning non-sold works regularly, to be able to expand our collection without inflating the supply.

not Pak distribution model

Our distribution model entails a “Community Engagement Vault” of 300 items, aimed at incentivizing long-term community engagement via giveaways for the most active contributors. A small portion of the Community Engagement Vault, will be used to gift to crypto-native celebrities. 80 items are claimable by original Pak owners via Twitter as mentioned above.

To increase the value of the artworks and to give them real life exposure, we will be offering non-profit merchandise designs for several important items from the collection.

Furthermore, we are providing free avatar background editing for every #notPak owner. As we are growing, we aim at collaborating with avatar projects to provide them with exciting backgrounds and build synergies. We are democratizing decisions on 1.naming new mints and 2.choosing which works we will mint, to increase engagement and align the preferences of community and artist.

In conclusion, we want to underline, that not Pak is a community-centered project and may change dynamically along the way.

Early adopters are highly incentivized to contribute to the community. Let´s build something great together!

colorful NFT homage collection | not affiliated with Murat Pak | 69 10/10s on Polygon for Ξ0.03 | 690 1/1s on Ethereum for Ξ0.069 | in part for charity | $ASH