80 Days & A Dark Room
Not A Book Club

80 Days and A Dark Room

Brief discussion highlights:
- For both games, the story unfolding and being delivered as purely text gave you freedom to imagine the scene. (with your brains graphics card)

- A Dark Room feels big, or bigger than it initially starts out as, it keeps evolving with your curiosity to explore and unravel the mystery of who, what, why and where you are.

- Recounting our stories of circumnavigating the globe as Mr Fogg’s valet in 80 Days actually came across as if we had experienced the journey ourselves.

- In 80 Days the variety of routes and scenarios you can take is quite impressive. We want to play through again, trying different routes.

- The text in 80 Days was delivered in manageable chunks so you could easily dip in for a short while to further your progress.

- After playing 80 days, it made us talk more like a true English gent, with a desire to ride mechanical automatons and groom ones moustache regularly….oh and just improving our geographical knowledge of the world.

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