Plans // 14.09.17

Long school sucks. I had it until 17:30 today.

And then there’s teachers who think it’s cool to give you homework on a day where he exactly knows his students have long school today. On the last fucking minute of the lesson. I mean, at least they accomplish it. “Ohoho, I know, ‘I hate Mr. XXX’, plzzz read 20 pages of ur book!” Yeah well, I read like 10 pages of that book. Of 63 we have to read until tomorrow.

At biology, the teacher walked around and controlled our homework. I didn’t do mine well, so I told him it’s not very good. He criticized something I don’t remember, and for some reason I responded with better something than nothing (wow I put in so much work into my homework!). That turned out to be the meme of this lesson. “Ohh, the guy with the ‘better than nothing!’” My classmates even started responding some random stuff with better than nothing, which I found pretty funny, but the whole thing still was pretty embarassing. But hey, at least this teacher is one of the more humorous ones. So everyone will be silent about it the next day, I guess. But no one will forget it.

On a side note, is it wrong I find the girl from my former class extremely cute as of now? I mean, maybe not, and I can fantasize whatever I want, but at least I didn’t tell that to anyone. Makes me feel degenerate. Maybe I shouldn’t even write this down, but whatever, it just adds to my degenerate factor.

What I noticed from CS class was how this is my only subject where I’m really good in. I know most stuff, and it’s pretty easy to me. To be fair though, the stuff we’re doing is pretty simple, so the guys I sit next to get along with it pretty well too. However, this is the second time the teacher spent 30 minutes + just to fix the installation of the IDE. (Spoiler: it’s literally just downloading a zip, extracting it to your stick, copy over the JDK files, done.) Not that I find it bad though. I can browse through Reddit memes and that site isn’t even blocked in our school. Wtf. But all that makes it comfy. One of the comfiest classes I have, besides politics, where we just have one homework to read pages from that one and discuss it. And that’s for an “advanced” course.

Anyway, the worst thing about what I mentioned in the first lines is having to do homework. It took me 2 hours to do this weird ethics luck stuff and reading, I mean skimming over 50 pages of Looking for Alaska.

And I made some plans for the weekend already. Another thing speaking for me being degenerate is the fact I’m planning too much ahead. Organization might be a good thing, but I feel like I’m doing it too much tbh.

But yeah. For Friday I pretty much need to learn for German. We have an exam next Wednesday about some communication analysis and I’m not good with that. As always. But I’m always lazy on Fridays because I just want to sleep.

On Saturday, I wanted to visit a town a bit longer away from home. It’s a bigger one and the capital of some other state. I was there before, but I wanna take my time this time and write down some places I could go to, and take more pics I guess. I hope this time I won’t end up depressed in its downtown.

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