I can’t speak for the black community, you have unique and difficult challenges.
Xavier Aguilar

Let me clarify because I definitely don’t support the idea of privileged/white folks organizing themselves around another group’s issues or waiting for a magical day when privileged folks decide they should give away their privilege. I’m thinking more in an intersectional, broad way that privileged folks need to create a space specifically to address their own privilege and fragility. I see this as a space where allies from many different movements and groups could come together to confront their privilege and do the work on themselves that is so necessary. I would not see this as a space that organizes around anything except acting as an ally. It’s not about waiting for them to start organizing around these issues, but letting them create a space where they can confront their privilege without disrupting the movement(s) they want to ally with. And to clarify further, I am not black — I’m a mixed “ethnically ambiguous” type, and this may be an idea that I pursue. Being ethnically ambiguous affords me a great deal of racial privilege too.