Blog. Blog. Blog.

Or why you suck at making money online.

✍ Oscar Gonzalez
Jul 1, 2013 · 2 min read

Many people tell me that they want to make money online. They want to make enough to replace their jobs. They want to do what I’ve done. They want to quit. The rat race sucks. Their boss sucks. Their work sucks.

So I say: blog. Blog. Just blog, today. Tomorrow. Blog. And just do it. Do it passionately. Do it.

The inevitable question that follows is: Will that make me mone? and the answer is: Not a single penny. Maybe a few actually.

But it will teach you about blogging. And blogging is one of the quintesential skills needed for you to make money online. Why? Because the very art of blogging requires that you develop certain skills that will be required when you market online.

You need to be a better writer. A good writer. Better than me. Not good, a damn good writer.

There’s a guy out there that keeps telling people to only write when they have something “awesome” to say. Fuck that guy. You have something to say? Say it. People don’t read “meh” and that is true. But you’ll never be awesome if you don’t practice.

Practice makes perfect. I know. Cliche. Bite me.

But you will not learn if you don’t do.

You need to understand how links work. Not just creating a link when you write something. But linking to others and having others link to you. You need to know how social networks link to you and how to link to them. You need to know how to embed a video, an iframe, how an image should be properly linked.

Linking makes the web go ‘round.

You don’t learn this in any marketing course. You learn by doing. I lied again, you can learn from a marketing course. Many will teach you this, but theory and video courses don’t make you an expert. They simply impart knowledge. So use it. Build it. Try it. Fail.

Remember Karate Kid? What did washing and waxing all those cars have to do with kicking ass? Nothing, yet, everything. See, blogging is the same way.

If you can blog consistently for 90, 60, 30 days. Daily your life will change. Then you can make money online.

You blog so you understand. You blog so you can meet others. You blog so you find your voice. And… you blog to build a list.

Always, always, build a list. Day 1. Build your list, and yeah, blog.

    ✍ Oscar Gonzalez

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