My current problems. Thursday 26th October

I’m worried that I keep getting sick and my work will fire me.

I’m worried that nobody will accept me in this difficult time.

I’m worried that my work is so boring that I can’t keep busy and I’ll start worrying. It. Happened on Wednesday and I needed to go home.

I’m worried that I’m over working myself so I can stay busy.

I’m worried that I’m on the early shift all of next week and I won’t be fine.

I’m worried that I’ll never get out of this sense of depression, though it’s probably only been 24 hours.

I’m worried that, if I try to motivate myself out of this depression I’ll actually end up hiding it and bursting.

It’s crazy because, after tomorrow I won’t be so worried since I’ve out a lot of pressure on myself.

  1. A full day’s work
  2. 3 Jon interviews
  3. A night out

All while trying to stay happy and sane.

Why am I so down? Why can’t I just enjoy what’s around me? Why am I lacking any motivation?