Common lies in my life

I am honest — nah, I lie a couple of times, mostly for myself
I am not selfish — the truth is almost what I did is for my benefit, but it’s very happy, pure happy to sacrifice myself not for myself
I care about you — because I have nothing catch my attention at the moment
I am not lazy — only when I am into my work, or not, hard to say
I did not cheat on test — joking, cheating is the best part of my school life and my life
I am not evil — just because you don’t see my real face
I am listening to you — only when I am full of energy to hear your shit
I won’t give up — in my dream
I am social — no, just in case, I am introvert
I am consistent — oh c’mon, get real! how can I be consistent when I am just 23?
I am clear about your problem — oh my, wtf is your problem?!?! really?!
I have a good attitude — just good control of not spitting out my venom, I am angry
Those lies are a half — yes, that was true years ago, not now