When Would You Need to Get a Travel Consent Letter for Children?

If you think that you might need consent to travel for your children, then you need to make sure that you go to the lawyers for help. They will be able to help you to make your upcoming vacation or trip easier than it might be otherwise. You can do this if you are simply going somewhere without your spouse and don’t want to deal with problems or you should do this if you have primary custody of the children and are going on an international trip.

International Travel

One of the times that you would need to get consent to travel letter is when you are taking your children on an international trip. This needs to be signed by the parent that is not traveling with the children when the other parent or family member is taking the children outside of the country to prove that the other parent has given permission and is aware of the upcoming trip. This should also be done if you have shared custody or if you just want to make sure that nobody questions you when you are going somewhere alone with your kids. Make sure to ask the experts and they would be able to let you know if you need one.

Non-Primary Custodial Parent

You also want to get one of these documents if you don’t have primary custody of the children since it proves that you have the permission of the primary custodial parent. This is critical since if you don’t get one of these documents, then it could be seen as breaking the law. Make sure that you talk to the other parent and have them sign the document, which you should carry with you wherever you go to make sure that you can show it to anyone who asks.

The same people who can help you get this document ready and in place can also assist you with any FBI & RCMP Fingerprinting Toronto, North York and Etobicoke requirements. Ensure that you let us know what you need and we will be able to notarize the document so that it is legally binding. Also, if you aren’t the primary custodial parent of the child(ren), then the document is vital to show the officials that you have the necessary permission. It is simple to draft up and you just need to have some witnesses sign it and have it notarized by one of our notary public officials that have the authorization.

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