why i deleted my tinder account.

Because fuckboys.

Because rudeness.

Because I don’t spend all goddamn day on a dating app trying to swipe for dick and guys take my not answering as personally as if I killed a member of their family.

Because unsolicited, very unwanted dick pics.

Because chivalry is not only dead, it has been stomped, beaten, bruised, shot 1000x times, stabbed 2000x times and buried in an unmarked grave off the coast of Africa.

Because if I’m asked to go to another fucking bar, to “grab another fucking drink” sometime, I’m going to jab a pencil into my eye.

Because terrible, disgusting pick-up lines. Because name-calling, misogyny, immaturity, stupidity, desperation, thirst, idiocy.

Because this sense of entitlement that I should talk to you when, news flash, just because I found you slightly attractive enough to swipe right doesn’t mean I fucking owe you the time of day.

Because over 450 matches later, and maybe 2 guys have proven themselves to be decent human beings.

Because this fucking app is the reason romance, dating, and courting don’t even fucking exist anymore, because all these lazy ass dudes can bypass all that sweet shit and don’t have to make a goddamn effort and can literally swipe through girls like a deck of cards to get some easy, free ass.

Because most of these assholes on this app don’t even like women, they just like the power and getting off.

Because what should I expect, it’s Tinder.