NYC->Richmond, VA & TransAmerica Trail Rough Itinerary

Here is a (very rough) overview of the potential itinerary for this big bike trip. I would strongly urge this be taken with a grain of salt if not hell, a whole salt mine. This thing will be life. And in life, things happen, and sometimes the plan must be diverted from. This is life if life were only hopes and dreams and aspirations. At a glance, here is a one-click overview.

If you or anybody else that you know live somewhere along this route, or would be willing and interested in meeting up along it at some point, please do reach out. We are looking for all the lodging and help and friends and goodwill that we can get, and part of the idea in sharing this is that it keeps our friends and contacts in the loop to be able to tap into that network.

More in depth: 
 NYCàRichmond, VA

Transamerica Leg 1 — Richmond, VAàPueblo, CO

Transamerica Leg 2 — Pueblo, CoàSeattle/Florence

*Note — None of the above maps are complete transpositions of adventurecycling’s complete routes. Rather, they are maps built of all of the relevant major stops with default google maps instructions largely filling in the gaps.

Rough timeline:

Week of April 15 (459 mi):

Philly, Reamstown, Corbett, Washington DC, Fredericksburg, Richmond

— -

Start Transamerica Trail roughly April 25 (310 mi)

Yorktown, Ashland, Louisa, Charlottesville, Lexington, Troutville, Christiansburg

May 1 (403 mi):

Wytheville, Damascus, Breaks, Hindman, Booneville, Berea, Harrodsburg

May 10 (350 mi):

Bardstown, Hodgenville, Rough River Dam, Owensboro, Providence, Golconda, Carbondale

May 20 (331 mi):

Chester, (St Louis?), Farmington, Lesterville, Eminence, Houston, Marshfield, Everton

May 30 (423 mi):

Pittsburg, Chanute, Eureka, Newton, Sterling, Larned, Ness City

June 10 (345 mi):

Scott City, Tribune, Eads, Ordway, Pueblo, Canon City, Guffey, (Denver!)

June 20 (426 mi):

Fairplay, Kremmling, Walden, Encampment, Rawlins, Jeffrey City, Lander

June 30 (389 mi):

Dubois, Colter Bay, Grant Village, West Yellowstone, Ennis, Virginia City, Dillon

July 9 (466 mi):

Wisdom, Darby, Missoula, Powell, Lowell, Lewiston, Dayton

July 19 (313 mi):

Richland, Prosser, Yakima, Cle Elum, North Bend, Seattle


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