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A Network Analysis of White Nationalism: The Recruitment Pipeline from Alt-Lite to Alt-Right (Part 2)- A SLAPP Suit Meant to Censor Me

This is Part 2 of a series exploring the recruitment pipeline between the Proud Boys and white nationalist militia groups. It is written from my point of view as an educator who is constantly rethinking what it means for a classroom to be a site of radical politics. Any suggestions I make are for myself, and not guidance for how other people should behave. Readers should be aware of my biases — I am openly supportive of the diverse tactics that activists use to fight white nationalist and alt-right terrorism. My thoughts and suggestions are my own, and not representative of my institution or university.

Meet Jason Lee Van Dyke: Proud Boy, “Attorney,” and alleged white supremacist.

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In true Proud Boy fashion, Van Dyke has a fetish for violence.

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Yesterday, I received a Cease and Desist letter from Mr. Van Dyke, on behalf of Gavin McInnes. It appears that McInnes, who fashions himself a champion of free speech, doesn’t like when people criticize his organization. This type of litigation is known as Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation, or a SLAPP suit. People like McInnes and his virulent, nasty, legal lap-dog use their power to censor people who don’t have confidence in their understanding the law.

I am not one of those people.

To be fair, he could bring a suit in Texas where the service-mark is held. It would just be a very, very bad idea for them.

Gentlemen, I suggest you not contact me with your frivolous nonsense again.