How to make 100$ in one day on the internet: A comprehensive guide

  1. Google “make 100$ in one day on the internet”. Google is your best friend.
  2. Find loads of guides that are long and sound like too much work. Making money online shouldn’t be hard work. Close guides.
  3. Find other guides that tell you exactly what you want: “Make 100$ a day from home without doing anything”, “all you need to do is start an account, we will do all the work for you”, “money guaranteed”. There are also a lot of video testimonials to make it all seem more (or less, depends on how you look at it) credible.
  4. That sounds too good to be true, so it probably isn’t true, but what if it is true? “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, so why miss that shot? You know it all sounds like a scam and you’ll probably end with too much spam in your email, so use a fake/secondary email to sign up.
  5. After signing up, go through the “few steps to become a millionaire”, each step will open in a new tab, and is a huge wall of text with too many videos that probably start automatically. Skip reading, only focusing on your $$$ goal ahead.
  6. Get to the final step, realize that it’s asking you to pay money. You’re here to make money, not spend it! Close the tab furiously.
  7. Go back to the guides that are long and look like too much work. Find about Fiverr, “Hey that sounds easy and fun”. Look at the gigs people are offering, and decide on one yourself, “I will write your name on my forehead in red marker”. Get a red marker and snap some photos for the gig gallery. Make sure the marker isn’t perminant (or offer that as an extra). Publish your gig.
  8. Wait. Them orders must be piling. Refresh furiously. Nothing yet? Participate in forums, that will make people notice you. Check after 10 posts. Nothing again…
  9. After 3 hours, find a message in your inbox! “Hello, do you think you can write my name in BLUE marker instead of red? Also can you write it on your nose instead of forehead?” Okay, not exactly what you offered, and you’re not sure how to fit the name on your nose, but you can get creative. Reply directly saying that you can, and that they should go ahead and order that gig. Get too excited, do what they asked already so you’d have the gig prepared and deliver right when they order. After your first customer more customers will come and money will pour in.
  10. Wait for the gig order, nothing. Wait more. Think that maybe you should send the guy a message asking if something is wrong, but no, you’ll sound too pushy. Wait a couple more hours, then finally send that message. Try to clean all that marker off your face. No gig order and no reply yet. Wait another day, then two more days. Eventually forget about the whole fiverr thing, give up on making quick money online and get busy with life.

Hidden ending: forget that you left the gig on. After a week, get a gig request from some random person and do it. CONGRATS you made 5$! (or 4, since 1 goes to fiverr).

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