An interview with Notebookdane

Along time ago I decided what if I did an interview with me about me. (Just in case somebody did want to interview me I’d be pretty prepared, and not be too shy about it.) So here are 4 Questions.

Who is Notebookdane?

Notebookdane is my persona because my whole life I’ve written in journals and made paintings and pictures. Im Danish and French and very Kiwi. Im that person who likes to take risks now in the right place and time. I’m an artist, A teacher and currently studying Buisnesses Management. I’m very interested in brand and content marketing. It’s quite motivational.

Im surprised that being on Twitter that I can actually get ‘likes’ And ‘Retweets’ I’m amazed at the buzzing community hubs that have followed me’. So that makes me think I am doing the right thing in branding attention with my work. It’s not purely monetary advertising but I’m sure I’d get there in the end with real customer loyalty to my name. Its the ‘how’ to do it – next phase of the cycle.

Question ‘ What inspires you?’

Life long learning. I’m a reader. I need books, I read to my children. I’m always studying something new. Its my addiction to learning. And drawing.. I do this constantly. Not one minute of the day is wasted on learning effort. I read, write, paint, And draw. And I share this as my favourite strategies when I teach.

Something special about your childhood?

When I woke up in the morning. I’d always see a large painting of Bruegel that my father had in our little sitting room. I knew I wanted to have an effect like that in my work. He painted human beings. Ultimately breathtaking for me. There are no words I could say that could explain the quality of his works.

I have visited Holland and seen the most famous paintings in the world. I’ve seen Colin McCahons work in NewZealand and my own Art tutor was taught by him.. Amazingly I got top marks in expressive drawing. I’ve been extremely lucky in the learning department. Now is the time to put a buisness plan into action with the things that are most important.

What does the Future hold for you?

I want my children to have a secure future for whatever their dreams may be. They are into mobile technology, If they are interested to what’s on the net that means thousands of others their age are too. They are totally engaged and have discovered a little hub/niche to be safe in. I always check on them. What are they playing?, who are they playing with, or watching.

Technology is so cool! I’m apart of it with every new innovation created and I’ll pave the way for my little ones because I don’t like wasting time. It’s a social responsibility on my part..,then I can get on with my innovative buisness one step at a time.

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