Secret Sunday and Success

In small proportions we just beauties see and in short measures life may perfect be.
Ben Jonson

What is the secret of success in your life. I write everyday. I read I stitch. I take photos of my handmade art dolls I get on with it.

Yesterday I gained 30+followers on my Instagram account. How? Someone tagged a picture of on of my handmade art dolls. It went mini viral over night for a little fish in the ocean like me. I am now officially on the Dollmakers account. Can you imagine the views they will get that will flow through to me. And to top it off 21 people pinned another picture of mine on Pinterest. Wow is how I felt. What does that mean for me now?

First of all. Last week I wiped the sweat of my brow being proud of gaining 700 followers on IG. But today it’s stands at 750. So I’m going to sell these art dolls soon. That is one big goal. The question I will ask myself;
‘How to do it the right way?’

My morning plan

Theres a plan for me when I wake up and I follow it judiciously like an artist who can’t wait to fill that canvas up. There’s nothing like being in your favourite work space every day figuring out the best use of time and the best quality I can give.

It happens from the early hours until the late dark evenings. This family is over tv. It’s sits in the corner collecting personal dust. We find there are more creative ways to fill the soul than to mindlessly waste our lives away on a programme. A movie now and again is wonderful for the imagination but we seek to do other things that engage our minds.

Our own future looks better everyday, taking little risks, and passing the fear factor forces me to grow a bit more confident aiming forward to reaching these tiny footprinted goals. I’m good at planning, managing and seeing the goals through to the end. There’s a focus on the things that capture our love for living. Painting, writing, sewing, reading and I love reading. Photography and plenty of research. So if I’m going to open up for business I’ve got the skills. Studied small business management and the business plan is working. I know my commitment, marketing strategies, financial forecasting, the external environment. But now it’s time for a break.

In half an hour we off to the park, to restore and energise our minds. A time of reconnecting. I love the face to face moments of laughter, the joys of watching them grow and taking the tiny tumbles of life with their own fierce braveness. Everything’s okay Mum and they take the next plunge of riding fast down the bank once again deciding their fates.

My children restore the balance I need and another chapter of memories in a day is closed but always ready to reopen at a later time. And when we return home my handmade work is appreciated more in a very new aesthetic way.

So how does this all tie in with what is the secret of success in your life?

My family, my work, the things I see around me. Everyday is better, everyday I’m a risk taker in very small dosages. I’m planning it. I’m writing it and designing it. I’m learning and doing it. Next time I might have the best blogging/ shop/ gallery ever. You never know.!

All photos on my posts are created by me.

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