I’m an Artist And everyday I’m illustrating something or journaling something hence the name Notebookdane.
  • This year I’m doing some new things, less teaching, starting on Twitter again and learning how to blog. I’ll be starting up a buisness at the end of the year and you never know I’ll be the Buisness Person of the year 2016 for trying all these great things. I think Twitter is one great platform to be on and I’m awed at the original pictures I’ve posted and people actually liked, retweeted or added me to their lists. And everyday is like a fresh approach to getting new content of my own pictures out there in some buisness frame of content. More next time.. Love to uncover some of the myths in my country. That would be fun. NZ isn’t as magical as many think it is.. But one truth is. ‘Hastings was voted most beautiful city in NZ.’
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