Vote Leaf vs Vote Tree

Today you have the chance to vote, there are sadly only two options for you, a vote for leaf or a vote for tree. Which one do you choose?

Well a vote for leaf looks like a sound judgement on the face of it, you knew that there was going to be a chance to vote for leaf today way back in January, at the time leaf didn’t even exist, it wasn’t even a bud it was simply a great idea that was about to happen. Then in March buds started to appear everywhere on tree, wow, a vote for leaf might be happening, what a great opportunity it would be? In late April leaf finally appeared, it was a very pretty light shade of green it was youthful, vibrant and very healthy, many were very happy to see the chance to vote leaf. Throughout May and June whilst leaf is very healthy and magnificent high up there being supported by tree a vote for leaf seems to be the right choice, the fair choice, why wouldn’t you vote for leaf today, just look at leaf, brilliant isn’t it? In fact tree needs leaf so it can survive!

Vote Leaf Wins (just)

In July that vote for leaf still holds up, vote for leaf is still a healthy and vibrant option, a slightly darker shade of green now, it has weathered a few summer downpours and some windy conditions but it’s still up there held up by tree. August through to September leaf survives and you are proud you voted leaf, proud that leaf was the right choice. September flies by and quickly turns to October, the nights are getting longer and it becomes chillier with each passing day. That vote for leaf isn’t looking so great now though leaf might still look pretty; it has one well known final fate. That once vibrant healthy green leaf you voted for back in June is starting to spot and look more yellow possibly a slightly embarrassed shade of red even?

Then as always happens during October and November a strong storm brews in the distance, vote leaf is clinging on to tree but it doesn’t have much chance, it is weak it is old and tree no longer needs leaf. Sadly and inevitably without any strength left to hold on vote leaf is blown away from tree by that fierce storm, vote leaf has one final journey and that is floating downwards towards the ground.

Vote leaf which seemed a great idea in late June has become a nuisance to everyone around it; trains are cancelled or are late because leaf is rotting on the rails, cars skid off the road because of leaf, people slip over and break bones. The once promising but now rotten leaf is sat on the ground on its own, it’s no longer useful to tree or anyone it’s an annoying hindrance that needs to be cleared up or washed away.

Will you still be shouting from the roof tops in November that you voted for leaf in June?

Vote for Tree X

Tree has evolved over millions of years it was created from a seed from another tree many years before it. Tree needs leaf to grow; tree needs leaf to live but tree created leaf in the first place, leaf is simply a healthy function of tree. Tree isn’t perfect all the time; it does need an awful lot of water to survive its not evergreen, tree looks quite bare during the winter months. On occasion tree needs pruning back so it doesn’t get out of control.

Tree has been around a long time though it has a vast network of roots in the ground. Tree can survive most storms. Tree is strong without disease, tree grows and matures into a fine specimen, tree can recreate itself when needed; tree is a living breathing thing of wonder that will most likely live longer than all of us. You can rely on tree to be there for you and you can use tree in many ways through its wisdom and through its network of roots whilst it grows. Even when tree dies or is chopped down it can still be useful as wood to build or if required wood for heat and energy. During the life of tree it has recreated itself many times over; tree will live on and on. A vote for tree is far more useful than a vote for lonely leaf is on its own.

Basically you need to go and vote tree today.

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