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Our country has been becomong a disgrace ! Think America ! We have no one to blmae but ourselves ! ??? wrong ! We have our politicians to blame , we have the never ending struggle for individuals power taking front row over the well being of this country , we just witnessed the perfect storm in the form of our presidential election that demonstrated just how disgusted the American voter is and when you blend disgust and some dispare the results is the current administration . At some point our elected officials have to come together and say “ enough ! “ To the congress ( both the house and the senate ) I say who stands for me ? do the job you’re there for or get ouut . To the likes of representative Nunes I say…..your family must be very proud to have a son , husband, father that lacks even the indication of a back bone . To the Trump family I say what are your values ecept greed and money. To the Trump appointees and nominees I say you should be ashamed of yourselves and the way you show yor stupidity without shame .

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