Islam at Crossroads

Have you ever wondered why there’s so many different versions of Islam? Surely, Allah sent Muhammad (pbh) with a single deen or way of life.
When trying to understand this phenomenon, do you feel you are bombarded with conflicting opinions of people — rather than being told from the people who lived this deen, Islam, devoutly and sacrificed their lives for it?

Misconceptions — Any time you felt these so called “Experts in Islam” don’t have a clue about the real life of Muslims around the world? They paint the billions of Muslims around the world in the same colour as the terrorists, criminals and suicide bombers!

Have you met people who just conjure up a perception of this deen in their heads but never care to validate them! Surprisingly some are even hasty at giving opinions. Should we not check these views against the understanding of the companions of prophet Muhammad (pbh)? What if this “phantom Islam” leads to destruction in this life and hereafter — wouldn’t that be sick, I mean ultimate damnation?

In fact, all of these above reasons and many others led me to research Islam over many years — and eventually I compiled a book about it — links below. I planned it to be self-contained, written in simple terms in order to make this accessible to a wide spectrum of people. Your creed should not get in the way of taking some benefit from this. I wish everyone can read it — perhaps it will eliminate much agonies and bloodshed.

I pray that all the people of the world realise God as He wishes to be known as and follow God given way of life as it was meant to be practised. If you spot any mistake in this book please do not hesitate to write a comment.


Talib Jaleel

Main book : “Notes On Entering Deen Completely”

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