Perhaps it went over your head Alex, but I did address the authors general arguments.
Glen Thompson

You did not. You cannot. And we (the people that see Trump for what he is) are not going to argue with you about this anymore. It’s clear from your endorsement of his lies and generally abhorrent behavior that you are not worthy of engagement. You hold fast to not just the ethically, but the objectively untenable.

Therefore, I regret to say, in lieu of arguing with you, we will resist you (that’s “resist”with both a lowercase and capital R, mind you). We will talk over you, in spite of you, because your language does not, cannot reflect our reality. Instead, yours seeks to degrade and destroy it. We won’t let you.

Please remember — although you and your fellow Trump-thumpers somehow propelled this mind-fuckery into the highest office in the land, it doesn’t make your alternative facts constitute any less of a fantasy.

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