New iOS 14 major Notes Writer release!!! Available now on the App Store!

We are happy to announce a MAJOR release of Notes Writer Pro 14! Now including full support for the new iOS 14/iPadOS!

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What’s New on this new free update 14.0.0?

+ Improved laser pointer and ZOOM/Skype presentation mode: Use the virtual laser pointer with Zoom and other video conferencing software and share the screen of your PDFs and notes with your students and colleagues!

+ Improved richt text boxes for PDFs and Scribble notes: Now you can add tables, nested bullet and oredered lists, predefined user styles, etc. to your documents!

+ New context menus: Long tap a document or folder cover to access to additional functionality and actions

+ New powerful colour picker: When opening the color well you have the option to switch between grid, spectrum and sliders. You can also change the opacity and switch between color spaces (Display P3 and sRGB). At the top right you have an eye picker where can select a color from anywhere on the screen. You also save colors to use them later on in any other app.

+ New iOS document browse with sidebarr: Additional method for browsing and performing actions on documents stored locally and in the cloud (iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box, etc.)

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+ Improved Presentation Mode with Laser pointer: Present your notes in full screen without any toolbars and menus via AirPlay or HDMI cable. Use Multi-window to open a second note that only you can see while presenting. Use the new laser pointer to point up content on your note without leaving any markings.

Supported Apple technologies on this new release:

+ Scribble for Pencil (iOS14): powerful new handwriting features with Apple Pencil!

+ Sidebar for quick navigation to the key parts of the content (iOS 14)

+ Menus to list actions and items (iOS 14)

+ New colour picker (iOS14)

+ New photos picker (iOS14)

+ PencilKit

+ Multitasking, Multi-window and split screen

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+ Document scanner

+ Dark and light UI modes

+ Full mouse support

+ Full Apple Pencil support

+ Face ID/Touch ID to unlock the app and documents

+ Standard iOS File Browser

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