New major Notes Writer free update! iOS 13 ready! Darkmode, multi-window, side by side editing and much more!

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We are happy to announce the release of Notes Writer 13! Now including full support for the new iOS 13!
What’s New on this new major free update 13.0?
+ New feature: Open and edit documents side by side using multi-window (iOS 13). You can open up to 4 documents simultaneously on the screen!
+ New feature: Dark mode. Dark Mode puts the focus on the content areas of your interface, allowing that content to stand out while the surrounding UI recedes into the background. (iOS 13)
+ New feature: Improved support for editing huge books with a ton of images inside and other PDF complex files like architectural layouts or x-ray pictures
+ New feature: New external keyboard commands to navigate between pages and invoke some simple commands like searching and selecting all text
+ New feature: Portuguese language!
+ New feature: Transparency background support for images inserted in PDF and Pencil notes
+ New feature: Now you can rotate stamp, text and images annotations to any angle in PDF and handwritten notes!
+ New feature: New fonts for Arabic, Hindi, Devanagari, Hebrew and Thai languages!

+ Improved: Quicker “add new page” option in PDF and Pencil Notes
+ Improved: Better support for Right To Left PDF books in languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Urdu.
+ Improved: Improves memory usage with complex documents
+ Improved: Improves the stability of some PDF form operation
+ Improved: Improves performance when opening documents with many links.
+ Improved stability, performance and fixed minor bugs

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