We are very excited to release Notes Writer Pro 11 to all our users! What’s New on this new major free update 11.0.0?

+ New feature: Turn gridlines on or off so that you can align words, objects and shapes on PDFs and handwritten Pencil notes.
+ New feature: Support for editing huge books with a ton of images inside and other PDF complex files like architectural layouts or x-ray pictures
+ New feature: A ton of new external keyboard commands to navigate between pages and invoke some simple commands like searching and selecting all text, you can now also invoke actions for built-in bar button items, navigate through table views, manage tabs, and much more
+ New feature: iOS System document picker available now in the Document Editor view as well
+ New feature: Drag and drop images directly from Files, Photos or other apps directly in pages of your PDFs or handwritten pages
+ New feature: Drag and drop PDFs or Pencil note files directly in the Document Editor editing view to merge documents
+ New feature: Use the Apple Pencil 2 panel in Settings app to set the double-tap action in Notes Writer: Switch between current tool and eraser, switch between current tool and last used, show color palette or ignore the double-tap
+ New feature: Unzip files directly in Notes Writer and edit the them
+ New feature: TeX files improved support! Open and edit TeX files. Insert TeX commands using shortcuts in the software keyboard
+ New feature: Now project files created in Notes Writer are compatible with Scrivener 3.x desktop software
+ New feature: Edit in-place documents using iOS files app now supporting iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box cloud services or any other file provider installed on iOS Files app
+ New feature: Now you can rotate Stamp annotations to any angle in PDF and handwritten notes!
+ New feature: New link annotation editing UI

  • Improved: Better support for Right To Left PDF books in languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Urdu.
    + Improved: Lasso tool in PDF and handwritten notes. Better clip, excerpt, highlight and copy support for any content included in your lasso. You can drag and drop lasso selections to other pages and documents.
    + Improved: Better resizable Split View mode! In Split View mode you can get two PDF/Handwritten documents up at the same time. Split the screen in two panels, for example, one side with an informative PDF text book while taking notes on a different document on the other side.
    + Improved: Document scanner: Scan and insert pages using the Camera in the Document Editor with better accuracy and quality.
    + Improved: Better Signature creation UI
    + Improved stability, performance and fixed minor bugs

You can install it right now for free or buy the advanced Pro version as well:



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