High Carbon Levels Can Make It Harder For Plants To Grow
Natasha Geiling

i would say plants require less nitrogen to grow in high CO2 which is a good thing. I have seen no evidence that our diets are deficient in protein or that plants are especailly as the earth has greeen considerably. Further high protein (ie nitrogen) seem to linked to an increase in cancer.

Thus perhaps we can say that enviomentalist are cancer? (like feminists perhaps).

I can’t find any verifiable evidence in this artlie that higher CO2 is bad for mankind at all, seveal unproven assumptions seem to have been made. Indeed we well know and it is beyond doubt increase CO2 mean increased growth. So the author need to provide some evidence for her unfounded claims.

Further to that the people doing who produced the report seem more interested in making money than saving the planet as the article is behind pay well.

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