What we fear

An opinion on why some software developers don’t like the “Everyone Should Learn to Code” philosophy

Sean Policarpio
May 16, 2014 · 3 min read

“You should know how to code, your children should know how to code, and you better hope to god that the milk you’re putting in your coffee came from a dairy farmer with 5+ years of development experience building high-performance, fault-tolerant applications capable of easily scaling for high-bandwidth traffic. Experience in Scala and/or Clojure preferable.”

Quite the exaggeration, but to some — including myself — this is what various versions of the “everyone should learn to code” philosophy probably sound like. I believe these kinds of exaggerations are why some software developers are taking the recent explosion in tweets, blog posts, articles, and for the most part, crusading initiatives to get everyone to learn how to code as a threat.

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