The Point of Nothing

Before this collection of thoughts can be inaugurated, it is necessary to present a philosophic disclaimer of sorts. That is that I know nothing. Socrates was the first philosopher to formulate this disclaimer, and yet the Athenians still had him tried and found guilty of sullying the minds of the young in any case. Perhaps things would have turned out differently if they had read the fine print of his arguments. Hoping that a pint of hemlock will never be my court mandated beverage, I do declare that I know nothing. The only thing I can be certain of is that I know nothing. But, if I know that I know nothing then I must know that there is something I do not know. The fact then that I know that I know nothing is knowing something. So, I do know something. And that is that I know nothing.

Nevertheless, I cry “Sapere Aude! Dare to be wise!” I must dare to be wise, all the while presuming that I can never be that.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that I cannot be held responsible for any existential angst initiated in the reader. That is your own concern, and it should be taken up with the void (As Nietzsche said, if you complain to the void for long enough, the void will tell you to piss off).

Philosophy is commonly disparaged for being irrelevant to everyday life. In response to this I ask the question; What is life if not considered? Aha! Behold, ye who once stood in disbelief! By Schopenhauer’s lamb-chops I have thee cornered! For, any answer given to this question cannot be given without thinking about it.

Knowing that life, in all of its absurdities, can never be comprehended does not dispense with the need to strive towards understanding. In realizing that answers may never be obtained, it is the act of questioning that must be affirmed. This blog is sent out into the vast beyond in the hope that it stimulates lively philosophic debate, or at the very least derision. That is its absurd purpose.

With that, I triumphantly strike a beer can against the hull of a tiny, toy boat (I tried to buy champagne and a cruise liner, but the bank denied my request for a loan. This is the next best I could manage). I now charge head first into questions of life, the absurd and everything. I declare this blog open to interpretation.

I am nothing and more.