Interviewing designers? For God’s sake, don’t give them homework
Isabela Carvalho

Prefacing this with the info that I’m a front-end developer.

We also get given out at home assignments like there’s no tomorrow, recently encountered this a few months ago where *every single* company that I had a phone interview with then had a coding challenge / assignment afterward.

I’m a developer with 4–5 years professional experience, over 11 years it’s been since I wrote my first “hello world”, so evidently you can imagine that I found this unnecessary. Especially when I’ve got a strong portfolio with big name clients and a large portion of my work is available on open source platforms.

Another issue I found, was that companies would refuse to give me any salary information before I had completed their, frankly ridiculous, assignment. That quickly became an instant “nope”.

Another annoying experience was when it was for a job that I was really keen on, so I did the assignment. To be told that I did it wrong because they were expecting me to use x, y, and z technology. I re-read the brief whilst on the Skype call with them, and they acknowledged they’d screwed up, but still had the cheek to tell me that I should redo it. Sighed and said no.

Never had a good experience with coding assignments. It’s rude, my portfolio speaks for itself. My freelance experience and current employer will happily tell you that.

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