Are You Tired Of Tying You Laces Every Few Minutes? Use These New Elastic Shoelaces for Shoes!

Shoes perform very important functions in our lives. They assist us to stay stylish while protecting our feet. There are factors that can easily harm our feet. These include the elements, dust, dirt and debris. Shoes act to protect us from these factors effectively. There are many types of shoes. These are designed and constructed such that they perform well in their specific function. For example, sneakers are built such that they function properly in exercise and sports. On the other hand, dress shoes are designed and built such that they keep you classy and comfortable while attending formal events. One characteristic that these different types of shoes share is that they are fastened firmly using some shoe laces.

Shoe laces are quite effective in keeping shoes well fastened on our feet. They come in various colors, textures and lengths. Most of them are made of cotton or polyester. There are different types of shoe laces for various types of shoes. Unfortunately, all of them suffer from one problem. They often get loose and come undone if you engage in vigorous activity while wearing the shoes. This poses a problem to people such as athletes and mountain climbers. Sometimes there is no time to stoop and tie your laces. Engaging in this activity may cause injury to you or your teammates. Thankfully, there is a new lacing technology that eliminates these risks permanently.

Only lace once and you are good for the day
Known as the Hickies lacing system, this is a type of shoe laces that do not get loose and do not come undone no matter how much activity you engage in. These laces are made of rubber elastomer material. This allows them to be durable. Moreover, this design and material gives them a characteristic known as memory-fit. This is where the laces can stretch and resume their original shape while your feet move.

Hickies elastic shoelaces for shoes are resistant to the weather as well as factors such as mud, dust and debris. They are also easy to maintain. This is because they only need a light wiping with a damp cloth so as to become good as new.

These shoe laces can be strapped into any type of shoes that you want. They are available in sets of three to five straps. Each one is used to fasten a pair of eyelets. They have clips that you can use to join up the edges. This makes a firm, strong loop around each pair of eyelets. You can use as many Hickies straps as you need to so as to firmly fasten your shoes to your feet.

There are some styles of looping that you can use so as to achieve the tightness that you desire. These styles are indicated on the Hickies website. They help you to accomplish the following fits:

Regular fit
Tight fit
Loose fit

You can come up with your own unique style of fastening the Hickies elastic shoe laces for shoes so as to achieve a fit that is most comfortable for you. Once you fasten these laces in the morning, you will not have to fasten them again throughout the day. This is because they do not get loose or come undone at all.