Killing Net Neutrality Kills Bitcoin

Still feeling the pain of the worthless battles that are going on between Bitcoin Core & Bitcoin Cash? I finished Middle School over 20 years and never thought I’d be living those childish days again, but yet, here we are. The debate is quite simple between the two sides: Bitcoin Core doesn’t want to hard fork Bitcoin and their financiers are creating other solutions/workarounds to increase the capacity without hard forking (specifically raising the block size). This in turn will create new business opportunities for companies like Blockstream who are creating solutions such as Sidechains and Lightning Networks.

On the other side you have the “Big Blockers” led by Roger Ver and Others who hard forked Bitcoin in August and created an 8MB Block Size version of Bitcoin. Now fees are drastically lower than they are with the original Bitcoin, making it much more practical to use as a Payment System, which of course, is Satoshi’s original vision. One of the other reasons Bitcoin Core didn’t want to increase the Block Size was a fear of centralizing the nodes. With large Block Sizes, they predict less people will be running full nodes because it takes up more space on your hard drive.

So while both sides attack each other and call each other names, it turns out the same thing is happening in U.S. politics. No, I’m not talking about the obvious tweeting in our politics, but rather the battle for Net Neutrality. This message is written for both sides to realize they need to grow up and probably actually work together to prevent Net Neutrality from getting killed. Although the recent repeal is a bad step, some states are preparing lawsuits to stop the repeal from happening, however, let’s be aware people. It’s funny, both sides will lose tremendously if we lose our battle for Net Neutrality. Who wants to pay to upload Bitcoin Transactions to other new node members… pay for it? Yes, while both sides are debating about the correct Block Size, have we debated the consequences of paying to be a Bitcoin Node?

This leads us to a solution being proposed by a few strong people out there to Decentralize the Internet the way we Decentralized Money with Bitcoin. The solution: Mesh Networks. The same way a Bitcoin Node passes Transactions to each other, imagine a Network of Nodes passing Cryptographic Secured Internet Packages to each other and getting paid for it. When you access your company’s “Intranet”, you never go to the “Internet”. Now, let’s create a worldwide “Intranet” and let the ISP’s keep their own throttled “Internet”. We are a long way out from having a scalable solution, what a minute… Deja Vu (didn’t Bitcoin go through the same process)? We did this with Bitcoin to supply Money for the People, now let’s create a Global Mesh Network to create an Internet for the People!

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